DPS-162LP Power Supply 6 Blinks Error Code

DPS-162LP 1-895-316-11 KDL-50EX645 "REPAIR SERVICE ONLY" 6 Blinks Error Code



All Brands of Tv Repair for over 30 years!!!

You are NOT BUYING A BOARD but having us repair your board which you
will ship to us!  Please read this entire description so you know exactly
what you are getting and paying for.  Thank you.

Sony Model: KDL-50EX645
Sony Part Number: 1-895-316-11
Board Number:  DPS-162LP

Symptom: Dead with 6 Blinks "ONLY"  (If you are unaware of what we are
referring to then simply try to turn on your Tv and when it does not come
on then simply count the number of times the little red light on the bottom
front of the Tv actually blinks on/off.)

Turn Around Time is generally within 4 to 8 business hours from the time we receive the board
to shipping it back to you via USPS or UPS.

After you have paid for your board repair please ship board to:

J&B Electronics / TvPartsPlus
(DPS-162LP Repair Service)
94 Quartz Court
Elizabethtown, KY 42701

Enclose a copy of your order and carefully package, insure and keep the tracking information.
Feel free to write your order number on your board with a permanent marker.
Present Successful Repair Rate: 100%
Note:  When board arrives to our location, we will install it in one of our working
units to confirm that it does in fact have the 6 blink error code.  Once this has
been determined we will proceed with the board repair.  After repair is made, the
board will physically be re-installed into a working television to insure the board
is repaired properly with zero tolerance for any errors.
If the board cannot be repaired for whatever reason then we will refund the entire
cost of the repair order and then notify the customer right away to determine how
the customer would like to proceed with us shipping the defective module back to
them.  In these rare cases we will not pay for return shipping as it is not our fault
that the defect is beyond the standard repair for this module fault.
Boards received will be inspected for cracks, breaks, burns, broken/missing parts
& previously worked on instances.  Any of these will likely disqualify this board for
our repair service and you will be notified right away of the finding.
We will guarantee this 6 Blink Error Code Repair for 180 Days and will pay for shipping
both ways should we have to repair the board again for the same error within that 180 day 

VERY IMPORTANT:  After the board is repaired and sent back to you please
note that when you reinstall your board and plug the unit in, this Tv is
designed to store the LAST KNOWN FAULT in it's memory and display that
Blink Code on the front of the Tv as it did when it did not work.

Simply RE-POWER the unit back on and everything will return to normal
as this repair has been made and the Tv will now recognize there is no
longer a fault or error and NO-LONGER will it give you this 6 Blink error Code. 

Please feel free to email us at: tvpartsplus1@gmail.com if you have any questions
before making purchase. Thanks in advance.
IU: 0000000001763

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